August 25, 2015

How does TeamTools search and group filtering work?

The Search and Groups filters in the top navigation bar filter all TeamTools users, regardless of which view (Gallery, Table, etc.) you select. All fields for users (like name, title, manager, and phone) are searched for matches with the search text. Field names are not searched (for example, you cannot search for “birthday” to show only birthdays in the calendar view).

The Groups filter is populated with the groups that are defined in your Google Workspace instance. Admins can hide or show groups from the Admin Tools section in TeamTools or from the Google Workspace admin console. You can search within a group (in other words, you can have both Search and Groups filters active at the same time). To clear the Search or Groups filters, just click on the “X” that appears at the right of the search box or the “Clear” button that appears at the right of the current group filter selection display.