Is there a limit to the number of groups?

Yes, the number of groups is limited to be twice the number of users. So for example, for the Free plan you are limited to 100 groups, twice the limit of 50 free users.

How do I embed TeamTools views in another web page?

You can embed TeamTools into any web page. To embed a specific view without the menus and support chat, use a URL like: The view options are gallery, table, timeline, calendar, and orgchart. If you want to keep the menus and chat, just leave off  &embed=true.

How do I change the language?

You can change the language TeamTools uses in Preferences. This only controls the language on the specific device where you set the preference. Owners can change the default language for all users under Owner Settings, which can then be overridden for a specific device as above. In addition, The Subscription Owner can designate other users[…]

How do I add custom fields?

Admins can add custom fields from the Admin Tools section. After a custom field is added, it will appear when editing each user, and can be added as a column to the table view. Please note that if you delete a custom field, it will also delete all data entered for that field for every[…]

How do I update photos?

TeamTools uses Google profile pictures for user photos. This is the picture that you see whenever you roll over a name in your Gmail inbox, Contacts, or Chat list. If your admin has allowed it, you can change your Google profile picture by going to and clicking on the “Profile picture” section, then the[…]

How do I update users and groups?

Admins can edit all user data either from TeamTools or from the Google Workspace admin console. In addition, Google Workspace admins can designate other users as TeamTools admins, allowing them to edit data only from within TeamTools. Just go to the Admin Tools section in TeamTools. Admins can hide or show both users and groups[…]