How does the TeamTools org chart work?

The TeamTools Org Chart view has many controls to help you format the organization chart. The contract and expand icons decrease and increase the number of levels shown in the chart, with the expand icon showing the number of hidden levels. The export button exports the currently configured chart as an image. When you hover[…]

How does the TeamTools table view work?

The table supports ordering by any column in either direction. To order by a column, click the column header. To change direction, click the header a second time. The left and right arrows take you to the previous and next page of rows. The Export button downloads the current table view in CSV format. This[…]

How does TeamTools search and group filtering work?

The Search and Groups filters in the top navigation bar filter all TeamTools users, regardless of which view (Gallery, Table, etc.) you select. All fields for users (like name, title, manager, and phone) are searched for matches with the search text. Field names are not searched (for example, you cannot search for “birthday” to show[…]